Waxed Canvas Notions Pouch


I currently have 3 of these little bags in my purse because they are so darn handy.
This zipper pouch is made with a waxed canvas exterior which means it is durable and water resistant. Organize your purse, make-up, travel snacks, reusable utensils or hold your art supplies, this bag will come in so useful whatever way you use it.

Measures approx. 9" x 3.5"
Leather Zipper Pull
Sewn in Anchorage Alaska

Waxed canvas has slightly waxy feel and gets a rugged mottled look with use. The surface shows creases and marks easily, contributing to the character of the fabric.

  • Waxed Canvas

    To care for waxed canvas, do not use soap or submerge in water.  Wipe clean with a damp lint free cloth and hang dry. Waxed canvas has a “memory,” meaning that it records each fold, wrinkle, and crease. The natural patina process of waxed canvas is beautiful, embrace it!